In the previous post I reported that the Treasury Department was warning taxpayers of another fun-filled season of refund delays, poor phone service, and mail backlog. This filing season, in combination with the previous two and the effects of the pandemic have resulted in major shifts in the way tax and accounting professionals do business—and… Read More

Last Monday, Treasury Department officials took the preemptive step of warning taxpayers that the upcoming tax season, which begins on Monday, January 24 and runs through April 18 (as of this writing), will be messy and could see delays. Pointing to staffing shortages and paperwork backlogs, officials said taxpayers will likely face frustrations similar to… Read More

I mentioned in the last post and the one before that that during tax season we require a non-refundable deposit at the time of your intake appointment. Some of you may be wondering why we do that. The short answer is that one tax season I got burned by several “clients.” They came in during… Read More

  Well, what are you paying for when you hire me to prepare your tax return? You are paying for my time, my education (at least 30 hours of tax education every year), and my experience. When you hire me, you will get a thorough review of your situation and your return—not simply data entry.… Read More

Can I? Sure. Will I? The main reason we will not e-mail you copies of your tax return (or any other sensitive tax information) is that it is illegal for us to do so unless the e-mail is encrypted. Not password protected…encrypted. I’ll be the first to admit I am not an information security expert,… Read More

We are currently accepting new clients. I reserve the right to place new business clients on extension. All returns are held for review and are not filed “while you wait.” Prices depend on the length of the return (i.e., which forms and schedules are needed). All returns include free e-filing for federal and the first state return.… Read More

In general, March and April are the worst time of year to be searching for a new #taxpro. At Tax Therapy, the needs of existing clients always come first and if I don’t feel that I can provide them the service they deserve, I will not accept new clients mid season, especially new business clients.… Read More

Tax Therapy provides services to individuals and to small and micro businesses. We do not provide bookkeeping services but we can help you find a bookkeeper. At this time we do not file FBAR returns or do other FACTA compliance for those with financial interests outside the U.S. We are happy to provide referrals to… Read More

Absolutely. Married filing joint or separate returns can and will be filed for any couples who are legally married (same or different sex). Tax Therapy does not discriminate on the basis of anything: race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, income level, political affiliation. Nothing. The only returns we refuse to file are those for people who refuse… Read More

In a word… The complexity of the tax code and the uniqueness of each client’s circumstances are why I don’t prepare your tax return while you are in the office. When it comes to preparing your tax return I like to have a chance to enter all the data; review the numbers, your situation from last… Read More