The Tax Therapy Mission and Philosophy (What’s My ‘Why’)


My mission is to provide high quality, high-tech service with a small town feel. I use automation to make my time more available for those things that only an experienced professional can handle.

My why? It’s helping people to understand their taxes even if only briefly. I want you to know how your taxes work even if you forget it the day after your review appointment. I want you to know so you don’t pay more than you have to. I want you to know to keep you out of “tax trouble”. And I want you to know so you can make informed decisions that will help you meet your short- and long-term financial (and life) goals.

I want to be a trusted partner in your future success (no matter where you’re starting from).

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The business is called “Tax Therapy” because it’s never just about the money or the taxes. We carry a lot of baggage around our financial decisions and I take that into account when discussing your tax situation and your goals.

Like most therapy, tax therapy works best when you are a reasonably pro-active partner in your tax compliance and planning.

I’m not here to judge you. If you haven’t filed in a while, I can help you get caught up. If you’ve been a long-time DIY person I get it. I am not going to judge you for making a few errors on a self-prepared return. If you owe the IRS money, I am here to explore collection and payment alternatives. I am all about compliance moving forward. As long as you want to get your tax situation right and keep it right then I am here to help.

I don’t grant tax absolution for your tax responsibilities. If you’re looking for someplace to “drop your taxes and hope for the best” I am probably not going to meet your needs. I expect most communication to be two-way. When you have questions, I’m here to answer. When I need documents, more information, or some other kind of response, I expect you to answer.

I don’t cheat or otherwise risk my hard-earned credentials for clients’ tax savings. If you’re looking for someone “aggressive” I am probably not going to meet your needs.

I am passionate about ensuring that my clients pay the tax they owe, but only the tax they owe. I function as an advocate for the taxpayer, I’m not here to serve the IRS or any other taxing authority. That said, I will not walk my clients into “gray areas” that I do not feel would stand up under IRS exam (audit) or in Tax Court.

I use automation in many areas of my practice to allow me to provide hands-on personal service as needed. I expect clients to read communications from me and use my automated options to the greatest extent to which they are able. We can discuss your ability to use my automated systems in your Discovery Call.

I want all of my clients to feel safe and valued. I do not discriminate. As long as you want your taxes done right, pay your invoice, and aren’t mean to me I’m here to help!

Amber Gray-Fenner, EA, USTCP

I have been doing taxes since I inherited my mother’s Nevada business in late 2010. I became an Enrolled Agent in 2016 and was accepted to the Bar of United States Tax Court in June 2019 (I am a non-attorney admitted to practice in Tax Court). In August 2019 I completed 72 hours of specialized training in IRS audit and collections representation to become a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute. Before becoming a #taxpro I worked as a technical writer for Sandia National Laboratories where I honed the research and writing skills I now brings to my practice.

I am a regular contributing writer at and a contributor focusing on individual tax issues, IRS developments, and taxation of digital assets for

I typically spend a good deal of time during summer and fall teaching classes on tax law to other tax professionals. My speaking schedule can be found here. Click here for a list of classes currently available. If you are interested in booking me for a teaching engagement, please either book a discovery call or complete the contact form.