Understanding The Tax Office

In the previous post I reported that the Treasury Department was warning taxpayers of another fun-filled season of refund delays, poor phone service, and mail backlog. This filing season, in combination with the previous two and the effects of the pandemic have resulted in major shifts in the way tax and accounting professionals do business—and I’m not just talking about covid-related shutdowns and The Great Resignation.

Watch this video to see my Twitter friend, Jason Staats, talk about why fees for tax and accounting offices are increasing (sometimes in a big way).

And read this article I wrote for Forbes on trends in the tax and accounting industry that may affect both how your preparer does business and your ability to find a tax professional that meets your expectations.

Finally, if you find yourself getting annoyed that the tax professionals you are shopping (or price shopping) aren’t bending over backwards to bring you on board as a client, read this post from last year. It’s more true now than it was then. And not just for me, but for the tax industry in general. If you find someone you trust that is within your price range, do everything you can to work within their system if you want to remain a long-term client. Because as I said in this other post from last year “Change is hard.”