Than my colleague (and employer at Think Outside the Tax Box), Dominique Molina. She has written an “Open Letter To Tax Clients” that is a must read. You can find it here.… Read More

If you’ve been reading, it’s clear that I’ve been at peak season crankiness for a while. As with much of my whisky drinking, donut eating internet persona, there’s a lot of hyperbole in the blog. I’m not nearly as grouchy as I sometimes seem when I write. By and large, at least in my practice,… Read More

I fired another client this morning. And I fired two more earlier this week. And I’ve got three more on a short list. And, while I don’t feel great about it, I don’t feel particularly bad either. Why? Because the situations these clients create in my office are a drain on my mental health. Mental… Read More

Here’s a pro tip that just might save your (tax) life this filing season. Your #taxpro is not amazon dot com and “Where’s my stuff?” questions not only will often go unanswered they may get your job moved to the bottom of the work pile and/or placed on extension (which is not an audit flag,… Read More

Content Warning: “Strong” Language Today is the deadline for pass-thru entity (PTE) returns and #taxpros are getting salty. Like dead fish encased in brine salty. The tough, crusty, dried up jerky kind of salty, not the useful in small quantities anchovy kind of salty. Even those of us who don’t do many PTE returns are… Read More

[Originally published on] At this point it should not be news to taxpayers that the last two filing seasons have been hard on tax professionals and that this season is not showing any signs of improvement. Still, it’s tax season and taxpayers need to be able to communicate with their tax professionals to ensure… Read More

In the previous post I reported that the Treasury Department was warning taxpayers of another fun-filled season of refund delays, poor phone service, and mail backlog. This filing season, in combination with the previous two and the effects of the pandemic have resulted in major shifts in the way tax and accounting professionals do business—and… Read More

Last Monday, Treasury Department officials took the preemptive step of warning taxpayers that the upcoming tax season, which begins on Monday, January 24 and runs through April 18 (as of this writing), will be messy and could see delays. Pointing to staffing shortages and paperwork backlogs, officials said taxpayers will likely face frustrations similar to… Read More

After almost a year, I’m back on the blog. Heading into the third pandemic-affected filing season, much has changed here at Tax Therapy. First, I am working from home for the foreseeable future. That means the practice has transitioned from mostly office-based to mostly virtual. The only clients I will be seeing in person are… Read More

The two most beautiful words I heard on #TaxTwitter this weekend were “seller’s market.” What does that mean? It means that good #taxpros are in demand. Good #taxpros. I’m seeing loads of newbies on FaceBook who have passed a test or taken a few classes and decided to open a tax practice asking for advice… Read More