Still Shopping for a #TaxPro? Hurry or all the good ones will be gone!

Still shopping for a #taxpro? Give #TaxTherapy a call!

Are you thinking of going from doing it yourself with box software to hiring someone to help you? Did your preparer from last year retire? Get indicted? Die? Hey! It happens!

Right now we are still taking appointments for potential clients who are evaluating their options. We will be doing this for a few more weeks.

It’s kind of a moving target, but once tax season really gets going (usually shortly after e-filing for individuals opens) we can’t provide appointments for people who are not sure about having us do their tax returns. We will still take new clients (but we have a flexible deadline for that as well) but we will require a non-refundable deposit to schedule an intake appointment and before we start processing your returns.

I know it seems really early but at Tax Therapy the needs of our existing clients are always given top priority. We are a small office (it’s just me and Cat) and we want to make sure that we can do a great (thorough and accurate) job on all of the returns we have in process and expect to have come in during tax season. By the time March 10th rolls around I’m already looking toward moving returns out of the office, rather than bringing them in. And by March 20th or so I’m already making plans for summer notice clinics, extension season, and next filing season!

I answered a few calls last year from people who seemed to really want me to do their taxes but needed to get in right now. That’s just not how this office (and many other small offices work). When I suggested to one such caller that they visit one of the many large franchises in the immediate area, they didn’t want to do that. Unfortunately, if you wait until late March to try to find someone to “do your taxes” that may be your only option. And it isn’t a bad option! Large tax franchises are set up and staffed to meet the immediate needs of most new clients. Most small tax practices are not. So evaluate your needs and if you want to #shoplocal and #shopsmall then you need to shop now!