All the time. My Dad is in his 80s and lives in another state. I have two (almost grown) children. I understand emergencies happen. If they happen to you, please do your best to call or e-mail to reschedule your appointment or to let us know what is going on. We will work with you to make arrangements or file an extension or whatever is needed. But I don’t charge for missed appointments and I don’t want to have to start.

If you are sick please do not come to the office. Please reschedule your appointment. It’s just me and Cat here and if either one of us gets sick during tax season it makes keeping up with the office workload pretty much impossible.

Please also do your best to avoid bringing your children to your review and signature appointment. I don’t mind kids. I don’t even mind kids in the office, but review and signature appointments aren’t always over quickly and interruptions just make them longer. And, when you and I are focused on your children, it makes it much more difficult to focus on your tax return and any planning questions you may have. Not to mention the office is not a child friendly environment—there are lots of breakables around, f-bombs are sometimes dropped, and if it’s after regular hours, there may be alcohol being consumed (by me and/or other clients). I understand emergencies happen and if you need to bring your kids to the office I am not going to stop you. I know how that goes! But please understand their needs and their thresholds and ensure that they have something to occupy them, that if they have food or drink that it is something that will not require clean up, and if they are sick—please leave them at home and reschedule.