Remember last year when I said I was taking May off? Yeah, neither do I. Actually I do. Typically I work through April 30th and then take May mostly off to regroup and celebrate several family birthdays and my wedding anniversary. Well, last year I think NM Taxation & Revenue “jumped the shark”. I don’t know what they did to their identity theft algorithm but starting around April 20th I spent three weeks handling “We are holding your refund until you give us more information notices.” Unfortunately, I don’t expect it to get any better moving forward for New Mexico, other states, or the IRS. So this year I have implemented an optional notice assurance program.
Basically if you opt in, you pay $25 for authorization form(s) plus 20% of the price of your return and I will prepare the authorizations and have them ready at your review and signature appointment and if you receive any notices during the tax year I will handle them at no additional charge.
Of course there are exceptions—notice assurance does not mean I will handle an audit for you. But it does mean I will handle those annoying CP-2000 “the information on your return doesn’t match what people have reported to us” notices from the IRS and the “we need more info” notices from the state at no additional charge.
The “fine print” on the program is available¬†here. If you’re interested I encourage you to read the full details and if you still have questions, call or e-mail the office. I will be offering the opt-in when I call or e-mail with your follow up questions or when I upload your return for review. No hard sell here. The more complicated your tax situation or the more information returns you receive (W2s, 1099s, etc.), the more likely you are to receive a notice. Opting in is entirely up to you, but if you choose not to enroll, I will be charging regular rates for notice handling during the year.