The government shutdown is over until February 15th. That means that IRS workers will be able to return to work and get paid for it. Of course, already understaffed and overworked, they are now facing a huge backlog of returns when e-filing season officially opens on Monday. The CAF unit (that processes our representative power… Read More

Absolutely. Married filing joint or separate returns can and will be filed for any couples who are legally married (same or different sex). Tax Therapy does not discriminate on the basis of anything: race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, income level, political affiliation. Nothing. The only returns we refuse to file are those for people who refuse… Read More

In a word… The complexity of the tax code and the uniqueness of each client’s circumstances are why I don’t prepare your tax return while you are in the office. When it comes to preparing your tax return I like to have a chance to enter all the data; review the numbers, your situation from last… Read More

I recently “boosted” a post on the Tax Therapy FaceBook Page. This was the first time I ever did that (I have since boosted one more and I’m going to boost this one). Facebook algorithms being what they are, after I boosted the post I started seeing other posts from my colleagues that said exactly… Read More

You know, in general (in marketing terms) I get a pretty good “open” response on the e-mails I send to clients. But that response is often 50-60% which means that many of you aren’t opening or reading my e-mails (and maybe aren’t reading this blog either). In any case, every summer I offer clients a… Read More

A popular brand of DIY software is fond of telling you “It doesn’t take a genius to do your taxes.” At least that’s what they were telling you last year. This year they are telling you about all the “CPAs” they have on staff to help answer your questions. They have enrolled agents too. Don’t… Read More

My post on choosing a #taxpro mentions that price should be a concern, but not the only concern. Still, I recognize that people want to have at least some idea of what they will be charged for return preparation. The problem is that it is extremely difficult to estimate charges without at least seeing last year’s… Read More

A colleague recently posted the following on a tax humor group: Posted in local community group—Need recommendations for someone to prepare tax returns – looking for someone that is good and may do them on the side – not looking for an HR Block or pricey accounting firm. You may be wondering why professional tax… Read More

I’m no fool. I know three things usually come to mind when people start to think about doing their taxes: TurboTax, CPAs, and that big franchise that does all the advertising. All of those are perfectly viable solutions, but there are other options. You should choose the option that best meets your needs. Do It… Read More

This post brought to you by someone on my FaceBook tax forums and by National Tax Security Awareness Week (December 3-7, 2018). This happened back in 2016 but unfortunately stuff like this still goes on today. Said person was seen complaining that his tax software provider (also my tax software provider) was no longer supporting,… Read More