I’m at work again. Getting a lot done. And legally. The latest update from the NM Department of Health lists “professional services” that “assist in legally mandated activities” (like preparing tax returns) as essential. That’s good. I don’t have to feel like such an unrepentant scofflaw. Why unrepentant? Because church services are still not considered “mass gatherings” for the purposes of the notice. Hypocrisy much??? That is, well, frustrating is probably an understatement. Rage inducing is closer. Nevertheless, I am still attempting to do what I can to comply with the stay-at-home mandate, essential or not. Cat is still staying home. That means no help. That means moving much more slowly through the piles of returns. I’m also still committed to some full stay-at-home days instead of working six or seven days a week in the office. I’m prioritizing returns based on clients with specific issues (such as those living in states who haven’t extended their deadlines—although that list is shrinking rapidly) and those who I know really need their refund money. I’m also prioritizing based on what my stressed-out attention span can handle. The last thing I want is to make mistakes because I’m freaked out and not operating at full brainpower.

My clients have been pretty wonderful about all of this. I’m getting plenty of encouraging messages and clients who are, shall we say, a bit tech challenged deciding that they can give this whole remote appointment thing a try. So, for now, I just keep swimming.