Come Monday—it is still not alright. But I am in the office processing returns and I will be available by phone, Zoom, or e-mail if you have questions. I know a lot of you have questions. I did send out a detailed e-mail (via Constant Contact) about the stimulus payments and expect to send out another later this week.

As you can see, a large part of my time is being spent communicating the details of new tax law to you all as a group and to many of you as individuals. This, obviously, slows me down with respect to return processing. Please know I’m working as fast as I can but that, again, I am now focused on “Tax Day” being July 15th. Also, what you may not realize is how much time I am devoting to learning the “fine print” of the new tax law. I thought last year was unprecedented for changing the tax rules in the middle of the game, but Congress said “Hold my beer.” So now I’m learning law that amounts to thousands of pages of new material in addition to how that interacts with certain new human resources law and small business administration loans. I’m not going to lie. Doing this during the off season would be plenty of work. Trying to do it while processing returns and answering questions is nothing short of daunting.