Well I did not blog yesterday, nor did I make it into the office. I woke up around 7:00 figuring I was going to take a walk and head in. Alas, the universe had other plans. Woke up to a flooded entryway, laundry room, kitchen, garage. Hot water tank had broken and water was pouring everywhere. Managed to re-direct, slow down, and eventually stop that. Got the carpets professionally suctioned and the most amazing plumber in the world had me back up and running by 7:00 last night.

He’s back this morning tweaking some settings and cleaning up. I’m at home reading tax stuff, blogging, and catching up on admin work. I expect to be in the office tomorrow filing returns.

APS has cancelled school and mommy’s little rocket scientist is not happy about that. His AP calculus teacher has been providing online content, but he’s going nuts. I’m having him apply for an essential job at a hardware store (he likes fixing stuff and welding—he’s going to be an engineer with skillz) in the meantime. Might pay for some online content to keep his skills sharp because I am lucky enough to be able to do that.

Bill is still in Idaho. We are hoping he stays well and can drive home next week. We will see.

Work wise I am doing triage on clients. I am prioritizing 2016 issues that need to be addressed before the filing window closed on 4/15/2020; filing 2018 returns for clients so they can get their stimulus payments (clients, more on that in an e-mail after today’s class on the new law);  2019 returns for clients in states where the deadlines have not been extended (there aren’t many of those at this point);and preparing 2019 returns in a modified FIFO.

Why modified? Because to tell the truth, I’m undone. Upended. Frazzled. And I’m willing to admit it. If I’m having an amazing day I’ll work on the more complicated returns (multiple states, estates, Sch C & E that need some help). If not, I’m working on returns that I am familiar and comfortable with. Returns that don’t change much year-to-year. I want to make sure I’m doing my best work for all of my clients and some days I’m just not up to wrangling with complex issues or a lot of missing information.

That’s where I’m at for today. I’m off to more reading and then to class. I’ll be in the office tomorrow. Stay well.