Are you ready?! We are. Reminder postcards for returning clients and new clients who onboarded over the summer and fall will be mailed tomorrow. On Monday, Cat will be here to start answering calls and e-mails and getting organizers delivered. The organizer contains our annual engagement letter, a copy of our privacy policy, and an interview and other supplemental forms to help you remember and collect all of the information we need to do your tax returns!

If you are reading this and are still looking for a #taxpro, I am still taking “shopping” appointments. Once tax season really gets going though I don’t have the availability to meet with anyone except new and returning clients. If you’re sure here is where you want to be then I’m happy to bring you in as a new client during tax season but I do require a non-refundable deposit to do your onboarding and accept your information for processing. If you aren’t sure or have any questions feel free to call or e-mail the office. We are happy to help.